july 2006

What's new?. Having returned from France this spring participating at his new successful Art and Yoga workshop with yoga instructor Mary McGuire in Giverny outside Paris, he decided to give an encore for next spring. This workshop is held at a beautiful rustic manor conveniently situated within walking distance of Monet's gardens where students would paint under the instruction of Wildbank. It is unique in that yoga and nutrition are introduced and blended into the art workshop program. Wildbank now gives summer worshops at his studio in Long Island. Be sure to check future newsletters sent upon request by email.

Wildbank is currently embarking upon an ambitious project titled "The Hado" series slated for the year 2007 for the public. 'Hado' is a term coined by visionary scientist Masaru Emoto of Japan; it means 'wave' in Japanese.

"Hado is the intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter, the smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness." Masaru Emoto

The art project involves panoramic murals taking on large spaces bringing the visitors into a tour of successively breathtaking episodes one after another.

"When I view nature, I see into its vibrational aspect and energy while re-internalizing then manifesting that reflected wonder upon my large canvas murals," says Wildbank. Viewers who have had the opportunity to have a sneak peak have been startled by the explosion of color and emotion taken place, in contrast to his earlier work which is better known for its realism. Wildbank has taken a dramatic turn since his last mural commission for Cunard's Queen Mary 2. With a refreshing perspective, he takes us for an explorative dive by fathoms and leap by bounds into his internal realm teeming with elements of earth, water, air and fire. Fluid streams of colorful energy weave across and into the heightened reality of matter in such bold calligraphic style with that swashbuckling skill of a Zen scribe holding a brush. "I've never been as passionate and excited like this about my work," Wildbank says jubilantly.


Local art students wishing to apply for apprenticeship to paint inside his studio in East End of Long Island should contact him at wildbank@wildbank.dreamhosters.com describing level of skill as well as aspirations. Painting and photoshop experience is recommended but not absolutely necessary.

"Hado is energy. Hado is love. Essentially, energy and love are the same thing." --Wildbank

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