january 2008

What's new?. Wildbank has opened up his studio to the public and is airing out his paintings. Efforts were made earlier to give the website a new look this year, facilitating greater selection for originals and gicle'es. Plans are under way to launch two mini-workshops in painting and drawing for this summer at his residence in the North Fork.

Students will also learn to use their laptops as an art medium using a mousepen and pad. This is an extension for painting with oils or acrylics. Here, daily diet of organic foods, yoga and water activites are the norm. This is limited to 5 to 6 students per workshop lasting 5 long summer days and short nights, mid-June and mid-August.

Best wishes for an exciting new year of wonders of creation!


Local art students wishing to apply for apprenticeship to paint inside his studio in East End of Long Island should contact him at wildbank@wildbank.dreamhosters.com describing level of skill as well as aspirations. Painting and photoshop experience is recommended but not absolutely necessary.

"What imagination brings to set hearts afire! Til heaven boils over! Now please kindly move over! I wanna fly higher! If Icarus can do it, I can soar like a poet! Life is A Dream! " --Wildbank

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