december 2005

What's new? Many things, all at once... Charles Wildbank is presenting painting workshops abroad. Having returned from Tuscany in September, he decided to teach again, this coming April at Giverny, just outside Paris, where Monet once lived the remainder of his life painting his famed breathtaking murals of water lilies. This unique workshop is held at this beautiful rustic manor conveniently situated within walking distance of Monet's gardens where students shall paint under the instruction of Wildbank. It is unique in that yoga is introduced and blended into the art program under the instruction of the Hampton's Yogini Mary McGuire. During summers, Wildbank is teaching 2 mini one week workshops in painting for up to 5 to 6 students/spouses at his Long Island studio.

Wildbank has been receiving commission orders from New York to Florida. He is currently executing a 22 foot long mural for a private collector resident from Ocean Reef in the Florida Keys. The finished result shall be displayed on Wildbank's forthcoming new website makeover, soon to be announced. Another large commission features his digital photograpic skills in giclees for collector Mr. Adam Katz, which adorn his executive office spaces at Talon Air, Inc. situated at Republic Airport in Melville, Long Island.

Wildbank made waves in the Hampton community at the home of Susan Friedman appropriately to the tune of "The Spirit of Water and Color" with his 9 foot mural "Wave" as centerpiece on August 29. Mrs. Friedman gave an impressive audio-visual presentation exploring the secrets of water and how words, thoughts and music affect us as convincingly demonstrated within the crystalline patterns of water when frozen. To learn about how this discovery was made, check these pages and click for its English version.

In recent years, Wildbank felt a strong urging from influences from his travels in Japan and decided to take those to his easel in his forthcoming new Hado mural series. Hado means 'wave' in Japanese but takes on a deeper meaning for Wildbank as he desires to delve into depths of intrinsic meaning related to the timeless aspects of Zen and Tao. The mural "Wave" is a foreunner for these series. In behind the scenes over the years ahead, Wildbank slowly manifests his newer inspirations into being and hopes to present them at a large public scale. Each of these canvases as they get completed, wait dormantly in rolls awaiting their formal public release.

More press: There was a Wildbank sighting last fall in the press near his hometown featured in the Suffolk News Review under the Community section. For full story, click here... "Message in a Mural: The Story Behind Wildbank's Downtown Art". The topic revolves around his latest outdoor mural in downtown Riverhead, Long Island with his signature message of peace throughout the community.


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