Gicle'e (zhee-klay): the next best thing to having an original painting

The word Gicle'e is French for "to spray" and is a registered trade name of The 'IRIS' Printer. Gicle'e is also a widely accepted term in the art world for archival reproduction or print.

The production of a gicle'e is very involved whereby the paintings or mixed media created by the artist are scanned, then digitally stored in a computer and sent directly to this high resolution Iris printer. The printing process involves incredibly true colors without the dot pattern associated with offset lithography. With advances in technology, the gicle'e has continued to evolve, and has become an accepted printing method. Giclee printers do not use ordinary printers' ink, rather they use special light-fast archival pigmented inks, which like any original painting, if kept out of direct sun, will remain true for up to 25 years.

In this special giclee process, the fine details are so well produced that they could give the viewer a total illusion of depth and color as in the original, especially when reproduced on canvas and texturally varnished.

For purchasing a gicle'e or an original painting, please determine in your email your selection from the gallery archive pages. (You may drag the art images from the gallery pages of this browser into the body of your e-mail). Also please specify desired maximum dimensions by either length or width to fit for our price and delivery quotes.
Sample quotes range from $40 for a 12" X 12" "Love" image on unstretched canvas to $2000 for a 30" X 84" "Stella Maris" seashell image on stretched canvas.

These reproduction sizes can range up to sizes as wide as 57 inches and over hundreds of inches long. Several panels may be a wise option as well. Please do not hestitate to bring up your questions with us at Wildbank Studios by phone or e-mail from the "contact" page.

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